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08 November 2017Neighbourhood Plan for Attleborough Referendum, Thursday 23rd November 2017
28 October 2017There's nothing like a good Church wedding!
21 October 2017Autumn Coffee morning - 21st October 2017
08 July 2017Summer Coffee Morning Saturday 8th July at St Mary's Church Hall
25 March 2017Spring Presentation: Nine till Five . 150 years of commercial enterprise in Attleborough.
02 February 2017Annual General Meeting
01 January 2017Diary Dates for 2017
05 November 2016Pre-Christmas Coffee Morning
08 October 2016Illustrated Talk and Presentation
01 October 2016Autumn Coffee Morning

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Neighbourhood Plan for Attleborough Referendum, Thursday 23rd November 2017

Wednesday 08 November 2017

During the last four years the Heritage Group [AHG] has been working hard with other interested parties within the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.  Two management committee members have been deeply involved to ensure the plan for the future shape of Attleborough not only takes into account our long history and heritage but makes sure that major changes to the town are appropriate emphasise the real spirit.

Your Heritage Group wrote the Character Assessment within the published plan. This plan has been examined and approved and is now to be put to the inhabitants of the Attleborough area [nearly10,000 voters] in a referendum on 23rd November 2017.

It is important that as many as possible vote for the town’s views to be set clearly. At a recent management committee meeting of AHG it was agreed unanimously that “ In recognition of our continuing policy to protect the heritage of the town, AHG should promote a YES VOTE to adopt the Attleborough Neighbourhood plan".  If you have a vote on the 23rd, we urge you also to vote YES.

The planning decisions to build upto 4,000 new houses in this area over the next twenty years is a done deal and not an element of the plan.  However, only by voting YES can you set the legal framework for an Attleborough that respects our heritage and creates a pleasant, well designed community providing work opportunities, good living facilities and plenty accessible green open areas for walking, bicycling and leisure while still respecting nature and Norfolk wildlife.